Our handcrafted selections of rice-stitched, embroidered and printed pillows, vibrant accent rugs and unique accessories from C F Enterprises will lend a timeless, personalized element to any room.

Looking for Holiday Accents? Keep rooms merry and bright with beautifully orchestrated holiday collections for the home. C F Enterprises offers a variety of quilted, appliquéd and embroidered pieces certain to capture the delights of the season.

C F Enterprises, Floral, Beach & Handcrafted Collections

Adalynn QuiltAdalynn Quilt
Coral, Gold, Green
Adele QuiltAdele Quilt
Orange, Green
Alena QuiltAlena Quilt
Green, Blue, White
Althea QuiltAlthea Quilt
Cream, Greens, Browns
Amelia QuiltAmelia Quilt
Cream, Rust, Green
Anessa QuiltAnessa Quilt
Annabelle QuiltAnnabelle Quilt
Green, Grey, White
April Showers QuiltApril Showers Quilt
Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow
Arden QuiltArden Quilt
Green, Pink, Blue
Arti QuiltArti Quilt
Pink, Orange, Blue, Brown
Audrey QuiltAudrey Quilt
Off White, Green, Gold
Avenue Matelasse QuiltAvenue Matelasse Quilt
Camel gold
Barbados Sand QuiltBarbados Sand Quilt
Cream, Green, Brown
Barefoot Landing QuiltBarefoot Landing Quilt
White, Tan, Taupe
Beach Life QuiltBeach Life Quilt
Green, Blue, Yellow
Bella Magnolia QuiltBella Magnolia Quilt
Red, White, Green
Berry Wreath QuiltBerry Wreath Quilt
Red, White, Green
Bianca QuiltBianca Quilt
Big Sky QuiltBig Sky Quilt
Fawn, Brown, Red
Blue Canton QuiltBlue Canton Quilt
Blue, White
Blue Shell Matelasse QuiltBlue Shell Matelasse Quilt
Tropical Blue
Breezy Shores Mini Quilt SetBreezy Shores Mini Quilt Set
Colored Shells and Coral on Aqua
Brice QuiltBrice Quilt
Blue and White
Brick Matelasse QuiltBrick Matelasse Quilt
Dark Red
Cabana Bay QuiltCabana Bay Quilt
Aqua and Tan
Cape Coral Quilt Mini SetCape Coral Quilt Mini Set
Dark blue, taupe, white
Captiva Island QuiltCaptiva Island Quilt
White, Orange, Blue, Red, Green
Chocolate Brown Matelasse QuiltChocolate Brown Matelasse Quilt
Solid Chocolate Brown
Clementina Dusk QuiltClementina Dusk Quilt
Blue on Near White
Collin Red QuiltCollin Red Quilt
Red and Brown
Colonial Blue Matelasse QuiltColonial Blue Matelasse Quilt
Solid Country Blue
Cora QuiltCora Quilt
Coral, White
Cora Blue QuiltCora Blue Quilt
Blue, White
Cora Seafoam QuiltCora Seafoam Quilt
Blue Green, White
Cornsilk Matelasse QuiltCornsilk Matelasse Quilt
Solid Camel Gold
Dancing Waters Quilt Mini SetDancing Waters Quilt Mini Set
Aqua, terra cotta, green, and tan
Elsie QuiltElsie Quilt
Cream, Green, Rusty Reds, Blue
Evergreen Toile QuiltEvergreen Toile Quilt
Red, White
Ezmeralda QuiltEzmeralda Quilt
Off White, Greens, Taupe, Hints Of  Light Blue
Fiesta Key QuiltFiesta Key Quilt
White, Aqua, Orange
Garden Dream QuiltGarden Dream Quilt
Green, Blue, Orangey Pink
Gibson Lake QuiltGibson Lake Quilt
Red, Gold, Green, Tan
Gloria QuiltGloria Quilt
Red, Green
Green Matelasse QuiltGreen Matelasse Quilt
Solid Color Green
Hampton White Matelasse QuiltHampton White Matelasse Quilt
Solid Color White
Hartford QuiltHartford Quilt
Blue, Brown
Heritage Wedding Ring Quilt SetHeritage Wedding Ring Quilt Set
Hillside Haven QuiltHillside Haven Quilt
Brown, Green, Red, Gold
Holiday Garland QuiltHoliday Garland Quilt
White, Red, Green
Holly Red QuiltHolly Red Quilt
Red, Green
Houndstooth Flax Matelasse Quilt SetHoundstooth Flax Matelasse Quilt Set
Solid Pale Gold
Houndstooth White Matelasse Quilt SetHoundstooth White Matelasse Quilt Set
Solid Color White
Indigo Sound QuiltIndigo Sound Quilt
Blue, Tan, White
Jacqueline Matelasse QuiltJacqueline Matelasse Quilt
Solid Color Cream
Jasleen QuiltJasleen Quilt
Tropical Blue/Green, Coral, Gold
Key Biscayne Quilt Mini SetKey Biscayne Quilt Mini Set
Blue, sandy brown and white
Knotty Buoy QuiltKnotty Buoy Quilt
Navy, White
Lodge QuiltLodge Quilt
Green, Red, Black, Tan
Lucianna QuiltLucianna Quilt Mandalay QuiltMandalay Quilt
Green, Orange, Tan
Mazarine QuiltMazarine Quilt
Blue, White
Meridian Waters QuiltMeridian Waters Quilt
Sea Green, Blue, White
Miller QuiltMiller Quilt
Red, White, Blue
Mistletoe Cream QuiltMistletoe Cream Quilt
Green, Red, Cream
Nantucket Dream QuiltNantucket Dream Quilt
Navy, Blue, White
Natural Shells QuiltNatural Shells Quilt
Aqua, Taupe, White
Northern Plaid QuiltNorthern Plaid Quilt
Blue, Orange, Brown
Providence QuiltProvidence Quilt
Cool Taupe, White
Providence Chambray QuiltProvidence Chambray Quilt
Blue, White
Reef Point Quilt SetReef Point Quilt Set
White, Aqua, Sand, Green
Sage Matelasse QuiltSage Matelasse Quilt
Solid Sage Green
Sail Away QuiltSail Away Quilt
Red, Navy, White
Saltwater Serenity QuiltSaltwater Serenity Quilt
Blue, sandy brown and white
Santa Catalina QuiltSanta Catalina Quilt
Aqua, Orange, Cream, White
Seabrook Quilt Mini SetSeabrook Quilt Mini Set
Peach, coral, blue, and white.
Shady Pines QuiltShady Pines Quilt
Red, Brown, Black
South Seas QuiltSouth Seas Quilt
White, Orange, Blue, Red, Green
St. Kitts Mini Quilt SetSt. Kitts Mini Quilt Set
Aqua, Blue, Green, Orange
Surfer's Cove QuiltSurfer's Cove Quilt
Blue, navy, orange, white
Taupe Matelasse QuiltTaupe Matelasse Quilt
Solid Warm Light Taupe
Terra Cotta Matelasse QuiltTerra Cotta Matelasse Quilt
Solid Color Terra Cotta
Tropic Escape QuiltTropic Escape Quilt
Orange, Blue, Lime,
Yellow, White
Wakefield QuiltWakefield Quilt
Denim Blue, Terra Cotta, Green
Washed Ashore QuiltWashed Ashore Quilt
Aqua, Red, Orange,
Blue, Green
Whispering Sands QuiltWhispering Sands Quilt
Green, sand, aqua, blue, and white
White Shell Matelasse QuiltWhite Shell Matelasse Quilt
Solid Color White
Zuma Bay QuiltZuma Bay Quilt
Caribbean Blue, Orange, Citrine