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VHC Brands

Abilene Star QuiltAbilene Star Quilt
Red, Light Tan, Brown
Lasting Impressions
Adelia Apricot QuiltAdelia Apricot Quilt
Adelia Creme QuiltAdelia Creme Quilt
Adelia White QuiltAdelia White Quilt
Arlington QuiltArlington Quilt
Navy, Tan, Red
Lasting Impressions
Ashmont QuiltAshmont Quilt
Khaki, Blue, Grey, Cream
Lasting Impressions
Aubree Fog QuiltAubree Fog Quilt

Fog White
Aubree Parchment QuiltAubree Parchment Quilt

Parchment White
Aubree Sea Glass QuiltAubree Sea Glass Quilt

Sea Glass
Aubree Smoke QuiltAubree Smoke Quilt

Aubree Stone QuiltAubree Stone Quilt

Aubree Taupe QuiltAubree Taupe Quilt

Aurora QuiltAurora Quilt
Austin QuiltAustin Quilt
Red, Black, and Tan Plaids
Barrington QuiltBarrington Quilt
Brown, Tan, Green
Lasting Impressions
Beckham QuiltBeckham Quilt
Black, Gold, Rust
Ashton & Willow
Bingham Star QuiltBingham Star Quilt
Tan, Brown, Black
Lasting Impressions
Braxton QuiltBraxton Quilt
Navy, Apple Red, Natural
Breckenridge QuiltBreckenridge Quilt
Red, Cream, Tan
Lasting Impressions
Briar Azure QuiltBriar Azure Quilt
Blue Topaz, Marzipan
Briar Sage QuiltBriar Sage Quilt
Sage Green, Tan
Camille Blush Pink Quilt SetCamille Blush Pink Quilt Set
Camille Mint Quilt SetCamille Mint Quilt Set
Camille Taupe Quilt SetCamille Taupe Quilt Set
Cape Cod QuiltCape Cod Quilt
Medium Blue, White
Carter QuiltCarter Quilt
Navy, Red, White
Casey Fog QuiltCasey Fog Quilt

Fog White
Casey Parchment QuiltCasey Parchment Quilt

Parchment White
Casey Sea Glass QuiltCasey Sea Glass Quilt

Sea Glass
Casey Smoke QuiltCasey Smoke Quilt

Casey Stone QuiltCasey Stone Quilt

Casey Taupe QuiltCasey Taupe Quilt

Cheyenne American Red QuiltCheyenne American Red Quilt
Coal Creek QuiltCoal Creek Quilt
Dark Tan and Black
Coastal Two Tone Stripe DuvetCoastal Two Tone Stripe Duvet

Denim, Sky Blue, Creme

Collector Stripe Navy DuvetCollector Stripe Navy Duvet

Navy, Creme

Collector Stripe Taupe DuvetCollector Stripe Taupe Duvet


Columbus QuiltColumbus Quilt
Green, Navy Blue
Ashton & Willow
Cumberland QuiltCumberland Quilt

Red, Black, Tans

Dakota Star QuiltDakota Star Quilt
Black and Khaki
Ashton & Willow
Danson Mill QuiltDanson Mill Quilt
Brown, Green, and Light Tan
Ashton & Willow
Dawson Star QuiltDawson Star Quilt
Khaki, Burgundy, Woodland Brown
Delaware QuiltDelaware Quilt

Raven, Dark Khaki
Eleanor Mauve QuiltEleanor Mauve Quilt
Eleanor Teal QuiltEleanor Teal Quilt
Elysee QuiltElysee Quilt
Black, Grey, Cream
Ashton & Willow
Everly QuiltEverly Quilt
Green, Pink, Fuschia, Turquoise, White
Farmhouse Star QuiltFarmhouse Star Quilt
Black, Tan, and Cream
Lasting Impressions
Finley QuiltFinley Quilt
Blue, Tan & Burgundy
Ashton & Willow
Finn QuiltFinn Quilt

White, Blue-Grey, Clay
Folkways Quilt SetFolkways Quilt Set

Mustard, Burgundy, Black

Folkways Star QuiltFolkways Star Quilt

Burgundy, Black

Glory Quilt SetGlory Quilt Set

Red, Navy, Neutrals

Graham QuiltGraham Quilt
Chestnut, Army Green, Crimson, and Biscotti Tan
Harbour Grey QuiltHarbour Grey Quilt
Harbour Navy QuiltHarbour Navy Quilt
Navy Blue
Harbour Sand QuiltHarbour Sand Quilt
Hazelwood Quilt SetHazelwood Quilt Set

Burgundy, Black, Mustard

Heritage Farms QuiltHeritage Farms Quilt

Crimson, Mustard, Raven

Hope Quilt & DuvetHope Quilt & Duvet

Marshmallow, Dusty Rose, Lake Blue
Quilt or Duvet

Independence QuiltIndependence Quilt
Red, Blue, Khaki
Karina QuiltKarina Quilt
Teal, Cream
Kent QuiltKent Quilt
Red, Creme
Kettle Grove QuiltKettle Grove Quilt
Black and Tan
Lasting Impressions
Laguna QuiltLaguna Quilt
Blues and Greens, Cornflower, White
Landon QuiltLandon Quilt
Red Plaid, Brown, and Khaki
Ashton & Willow
Liberty Stars QuiltLiberty Stars Quilt

Navy, Tan, Red

Lincoln QuiltLincoln Quilt
Denim Blue, Ruby Red, Tan
Mariposa Quilt SetMariposa Quilt Set
Green, Pink, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Eggplant
Meredith Quilt & DuvetMeredith Quilt & Duvet

Burnt Orange, Sage Green, White

Millsboro QuiltMillsboro Quilt
Brick, Navy, Tan
Lasting Impressions
Montgomery QuiltMontgomery Quilt
Olive, Tan
Ashton & Willow
Natasha Chateau Grey Quilt SetNatasha Chateau Grey Quilt Set
Natasha Pearl White Quilt SetNatasha Pearl White Quilt Set
Pearl White
Natasha Silver Cloud Quilt SetNatasha Silver Cloud Quilt Set
Silver Cloud
Natasha Urban Grey Quilt SetNatasha Urban Grey Quilt Set
Natasha Warm Taupe Quilt SetNatasha Warm Taupe Quilt Set
Ninepatch Star QuiltNinepatch Star Quilt
Burgundy, Tan
Ashton & Willow
Ozark QuiltOzark Quilt

Barn Red, Beige, Ebony

Paloma Crimson QuiltPaloma Crimson Quilt
Crimson, White
Paloma Indigo QuiltPaloma Indigo Quilt
Indigo, White
Parker QuiltParker Quilt
Burgundy, Navy, Natural
Patriotic Patch QuiltPatriotic Patch Quilt
Cranberry, Navy, Tan
Lasting Impressions
Prescott QuiltPrescott Quilt
Tan, Brown, Neutral
Lasting Impressions
Rochelle Beach Glass Quilt SetRochelle Beach Glass Quilt Set
Light Blue
Rochelle Boysenberry Quilt SetRochelle Boysenberry Quilt Set
Deep Berry
BT Home
Rochelle Creme Quilt SetRochelle Creme Quilt Set
BT Home
Rochelle Grey Quilt SetRochelle Grey Quilt Set
Slate Grey
BT Home
Rochelle Lime Sherbert Quilt SetRochelle Lime Sherbert Quilt Set
Lime Sherbert
Rochelle Ruby Quilt SetRochelle Ruby Quilt Set
BT Home
Rory QuiltRory Quilt
Greige, Chocolate, Natural
Rosaline QuiltRosaline Quilt
Olive, Toffee, Saffron, and Cinnamon
Rowan Quilt SetRowan Quilt Set
Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Carnelian, Rich Red, Earth Tone Brown
Sawyer Mill QuiltSawyer Mill Quilt

 Ash Grey, Biscotti, Ink Black

Stratton QuiltStratton Quilt
Tan, Olive, Red, Black
Ashton & Willow
Tacoma QuiltTacoma Quilt
Red, Brown, Cream
Lasting Impressions
Taylor Quilt SetTaylor Quilt Set
BT Home
Tea Cabin QuiltTea Cabin Quilt
Green, Gold, Brown
Lasting Impressions
Tea Star QuiltTea Star Quilt

Brick Red, Moss Green, Black

Teton Star QuiltTeton Star Quilt
Navy and Khaki
Ashton & Willow
Traditional French Stripe DuvetTraditional French Stripe Duvet

Parchment, Charcoal, White

Vincent QuiltVincent Quilt
Navy Blue, Khaki, Deep Red
Wyatt QuiltWyatt Quilt

Crimson, Khaki, Brown