Ethan Bedding

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Ethan is patchwork bedding by VHC Brands. The quilt is 100% cotton and features a decorator mix of neutral grey, creme and black in a multi-fabric yarn dyed plaid patchwork design. Each block of the quilt is hand quilted using echo quilting that gives it a geometric effect. The quilt bedding is bordered with a black-based shirt plaids and has a random layout that is interspersed with a neutral black and white chambray, yielding a grey effect. The quilt reverses to solid dark grey, is hand quilted, machine pieced and features stitch in the ditch and echo hand quilting on grey, black and cream assorted fabrics with the patches enclosed by a wide black plaid border.

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Ethan Scalloped DrapesEthan Scalloped Drapes
40x84, Set/2
Ethan Scalloped Prairie SwagEthan Scalloped Prairie Swag
36x36x18, Set/2
Ethan Scalloped Short DrapesEthan Scalloped Short Drapes
63x36, Set/2
Ethan Scalloped SwagEthan Scalloped Swag
Ethan Scalloped Tier, 24x36Ethan Scalloped Tier, 24x36
24x36, Set/2